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An invention that reshapes all alarm apps, creating a new standard for all alarm devices. It's an alarm with EXTERNAL BACKUP alarms/alerts in case your main alarm fails.
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it will call your home, your friends, or even emergency.
SOLVES a common problem of why most people oversleep, something that NO alarm app does, taking action when you don't hear or respond to your alarm.
If the alarm goes unheard, your backup auto calling and emergency notifications are used.
BACKUP 1 - calls an alternate phone within your proximity, repeatedly for 5 minutes in the effort to wake you up. In most cases it's a land line but could be a partners phone, a dorm mate, or basically any device near you that can be heard.
BACKUP 2 - calls or text messages either a friend or emergency service indicating that you need help. You can even set it to your local 3 digit emergency number.
BACKUP 3 - 24 hour inactivity will trigger an emergency text message to be sent.
BACKUP 4 - a preventive measure while you sleep, if battery goes below 15% and it's at least 5 hours prior to your alarm time, your alarm will turn on.

One of the main reasons you overlseep

Not being able to hear your alarm because:

You're a heavy sleeper.
You bring the phone to bed with you, under the covers.
You leave the phone alarm app in the other room.
Batteries are low and the phone is about to shut off in the middle of the night.

If you don't wake up on time,
Don't respond to your alarm,
Don't respond to the initial wake-up calls,
Having a medical emergency and can't get out of bed,
Are elderly or live alone,
A call/text is sent for emergency aid.
If still unattended for 24 hours, a final alert is sent out on your behalf.