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With patent pending technology, Alarm Caller will wake you up when you don’t hear your alarm. Additional backup services will repeatedly call your home. If still not respondent, it will call anyone else to check up on you, ensuring that you get up.

Alarm Caller provides multiple sources of alarms and aids, removing that single point of failure. It will get you up one way or another, whether it’s from an electronic ring or human intervention.

The initial idea of this app came from being unable to hear my own alarm.  If you ever took your phone to bed at night, by the next morning it usually finds its way under the bed sheets or underneath your body as you sleep. In such cases, the alarm goes unheard. With Alarm Caller, once this alarm is unheard, it switches to auto calling your first designated number (could be home land line or anything else in your near proximity). As a second line of defense, we added a safe measure by putting an additional designated line to call or text. This could be emergency or simply your next door neighbor.

Starting from that original solution to fulfill a simple necessity of not being able to hear your phone alarm, we’ve gone beyond to develop a full auto wake up call service with emergency aid. It fills the need of your basic alarm while giving you that additional security and a feeling that you’re never truly alone.