Alarm Caller App Creates Ultimate Wakeup Call, Provides Alternatives for Unheard Alarms

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Free app by Powered Simplicity LLC gives users a backup alarm by calling a home phone, friend or emergency contact

Powered Simplicity LLC released an original Alarm Caller App on Google Play, first of its kind.  Alarm Caller is a FREE automated wake-up call service integrated with your alarm app, which can be used at home or on the road. The integration of an alarm app with scheduled auto calling is a unique feature that has never been done before. Take the most common scenario, when the user doesn’t respond to their alarm app and oversleeps – with its patent pending technology, Alarm Caller will repeatedly call the user’s home or any other phone line that’s within their hearing proximity.   If the user is still unresponsive, then an auto call/text is made to a friend or emergency contact.

Alarm Caller helps in emergency scenarios as well.  If you aren’t waking up from your sleep, become immobile, sick or unresponsive for any reason, Alarm Caller will notify the proper authorities.  It provides the elderly, or those who live alone, with that additional assurance, as though someone is truly watching over them.

“This is the best and most practical backup you can have for your alarm. Unlike other alarm apps, in this one, the point of failure is spread out to multiple sources,” said Semyon Kogan, CEO of Powered Simplicity.  Kogan adds that Alarm Caller addresses the most trivial needs that the other apps miss: “If your smartphone app is in the other room, or you left it in the car, or it’s covered under your pillows and you’re not able to hear any ringtone, rest assured because alarm app will call other sources to try and wake you up.”

Powered Simplicity, being true to its name, created the most simplistic and intuitive app to set up.  In the simple one screen setup, the user sets a wakeup alarm time/day, selects the ringtone, and enters a primary phone number to repeatedly call.  Entering a secondary phone number or text is optional.  This can be a friend, relative or emergency number.


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