Two Simple Technologies, One Life-saving Application: Alarm Caller Combines Smartphone Alarms and Backup Calling Function to Help People in Distress

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Whether at home or elsewhere, sudden illnesses and accidents are a serious threat to life and wellbeing, particularly among the elderly or those with chronic medical conditions. Alarm Caller, the one-of-a-kind and patent-pending wakeup call app, is doing its part to make the world safer for these individuals. Developed by Powered Simplicity, Inc., the free app is available today at Google Play. An iOS version of Alarm Caller is coming soon.

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“For someone with advanced diabetes, or entering the early stages of mental decline, living on one’s own can be dangerous,” explained Semyon Kogan, CEO of Powered Simplicity. “With Alarm Caller, we’re giving people their independence back – users of the app are never truly alone.”

Although Alarm Caller works anywhere, the home is widely understood as the leading location for preventable accidents and illnesses, for obvious reasons. People generally spend more time at home than anywhere else. Alarm Caller works as a foolproof and effortless “life line” for everyone who values their time alone, wherever that happens to be.

Alarm Caller is a fully automated and breathtakingly easy to set up. Users enter days, times and ringtones for their alarms just as they would with the phone’s native alarm functionality. Next, users establish at least one backup number to call – a second number would typically be an emergency contact or local first responders.

When users fail to silence their alarm, for whatever reason, the app immediately calls the first backup number. Should that call go unanswered, the app then dials the emergency number. In the most critical medical emergencies, seconds and minutes take on a life-and-death importance. Alarm Caller gives people the chance to be saved from the brink in a way no other app can.

“Like so many innovations, this app was created out of pure necessity,” added Kogan. “Sometimes I overslept because my phone was lying beneath me or in another room, and I could not hear my alarm ringing. Now if my alarm is unheard, Alarm Caller simply dials my landline phone until I wake up and answer it. But the app’s usefulness goes beyond even this scenario. By adding a secondary alternate line to call or text, Alarm Caller gives users the assurance that someone’s watching out for them, even when they’re sleeping.”

About Alarm Caller

With patent-pending technology created by Powered Simplicity, Inc., Alarm Caller ties smartphone alarms to automated calling and texting functionality. The app works whether users are at home or traveling. For example, users can set wakeup calls to ring a hotel room phone to prevent oversleeping. As an added layer of protection, Alarm Call encourages users to set up a secondary calling number, typically an emergency contact person.

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