How daytime naps could help us make better decisions

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A new study, now published in the Journal of Sleep Research, examines the effects of short naps on the brain’s ability to process unconscious information. A short daytime nap could do wonders for our brains’ ability to process information, suggests a new study. Sleep is key in both memory formation…

Want better sleep? Leave your work at the office

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It will come as no surprise that taking your work home with you ups your stress levels and impacts sleep quality. But here’s the catch: “work” isn’t just about what you do in the office. It’s also about other work-related “baggage,” such as experiencing rudeness, which may prove extra difficult…

Does having a purpose in life help you sleep better?

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New research examines the link between having a sense of meaning in life and common sleep disorders. From drinking warm milk before bed to taking sleeping pills, the Internet abounds with sleep aids and advice for those struggling to get a good night’s sleep. But new research suggests a completely…

Better sleep can literally make us feel like a million bucks

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Sleep deprivation and sleep disorders are dangerous, costly, and impact our health and overall well-being. New research puts forth sleep as a major public health concern, and shows that the effects of a good night’s sleep are as beneficial for our happiness and well-being as winning the lottery might be….

Neurofeedback treatment for insomnia no better than placebo

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Insomnia is notoriously difficult to treat. One potential intervention that has received attention over the years is neurofeedback. Although it has shown some promise, a recent study comparing it with a placebo calls its abilities into question. How effective is neurofeedback? A new study reopens the debate. …

Recovery from brain injury and better sleep go hand in hand

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After a traumatic brain injury (TBI), people also experience major sleep problems, including changes in their sleep-wake cycle. A new study shows that recovering from these two conditions occurs in parallel. The study is published in Neurology®, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology. “These…

A clue as to why men sleep better than women

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Are women more likely to have disturbed sleep than men, and if so, why? A new study published in PNAS suggests that being male or female has an impact on how well we are likely to sleep. A woman’s sleep cycle appears to be different from a man’s. …

In MS, can better sleep improve cognition?

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Multiple sclerosis looks different from person to person. In many individuals, though, the difficulty in maintaining a sense of self and in keeping up intellectually can be the disease’s most devastating manifestations. With this in mind, University of Michigan researchers are exploring a new way to improve…

Let a baby cry for better sleep, say researchers

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One of the biggest challenges many new parents face is lack of sleep. But getting up on numerous occasions throughout the night to calm a crying infant is part of the job, right? According to a new study, it doesn’t have to be; letting a baby cry themselves to sleep…

Can changes to your diet help you sleep better?

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A review of 21 studies that analyzed the effectiveness of modifying nutritional intake as a treatment for improving sleep found mixed results, as reported in the article “Systematic Review of Dietary Interventions Targeting Sleep Behavior” in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, a peer-reviewed publication from Mary Ann…