Worrying about insomnia may do more harm than poor sleep

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Insomnia actually does less harm than worrying about insomnia. Individuals who are convinced that they are insomniacs are at greater risk of fatigue, anxiety, and other health problems than people who do not view themselves so, regardless of whether they sleep well or not. So concludes a review of sleep research…

Can binge-watching harm your sleep?

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A new study examines the impact of binge-viewing on sleep quality and insomnia. How does watching all those Netflix series affect your sleep quality? New research investigates. The phenomenon of binge-watching has made an appearance in very recent years with the advent of streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon…

Going to bed later on weekends may harm your health

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“Social jet lag” is a term that describes what happens when people go to sleep and wake up later on weekends than they do during the week. A new study assesses the impact of social jet lag on overall health. New research suggests that going to bed and waking up…

Loneliness may harm sleep quality for young adults

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Money worries, stress, and drinking too much coffee – these are just some of the factors that can cause us to have a bad night’s sleep. Now, a new study suggests that, for young adults, loneliness can be added to the list. Loneliness may hamper sleep quality for young adults….

Sleep disorders increase stroke risk, harm recovery

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Sleep disorders increase the risk of stroke and hinder recovery from the condition. This is the conclusion of a new review published in the journal Neurology. The new review concludes that sleep problems can raise stroke risk and hinder patient recovery. Around 50-70 million adults in the United…

Persistent snoring in children can harm their health

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New research suggests many parents of children who frequently snore in their sleep do not realize it could be harmful to their children’s health and quality of life. The researchers found around 5% of the children snored persistently on several nights a week. The study – led by…

Waking early on work days may harm metabolic health

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The piercing tone of the alarm clock is not a sound one usually welcomes early morning, alerting us in the most unsubtle way that we have to get up for work. But this early awakening is more than just bothersome; a new study finds it may actually be harmful to…